child rebel soldier
Everyday Is Not A “Fiasco”

“Paris Tokyo”


21 Responses to ““Paris Tokyo””

  1. your killin’ em Lu..

    probably my favorite song off the album.. so soulful

  2. i swear wen i saw this i thought it was the official vid, till i saw the vid load lmao

  3. DOPE!! can’t wait for the music video. i think this is a hit.

  4. Child Rebel Soldier Us Placers is a hot song. Dey are da greatest and de goin to tha top. I’m rootin’ for ya. I am a fan of Kanye, Lupe and Pharrell. God Bless!

  5. “Don’t wake me ’till I land, where they barly understand what I speak but they nod to my beats.”

    That’s my favorite line probably on his whole album. iono why, hah. Can’t wait for the official video. fnf^

  6. Ohh damn nice performance but, Where was BISHOP G .!?!

  7. Love This Song Lu
    My Favourite One Out Of The Album
    Keep Going

  8. heres the link to the official remix to superstar
    its dope

  9. Dude, the “Hip Hop Saved My Life” video came out, and N.E.R.D performed a new song at SXSW. How are you not covering this??? GET SOMEONE ELSE TO MANAGE THE SITE IF YOU’RE TOO BUSY, BUSY!!! Damn, that’s what interns are for….

  10. I mean, it’s been near a damned month since the last update, man. WTF?

  11. This blog is dead.

  12. ^^^^ word

  13. …….so i guess that’s that??? frustrating.

  14. check out

    for some lupe action in the UK!!!


  16. I wonder who writes this blog. It’s not Lu…and I think it’s usually Bishop G in the FNF blog. I don’t know. Well a lot has happened in the last month so check the fnf blog….or you could check my CRS blog. I’m really hoping CRS will perform as a group during The Glow In The Dark Tour. I wanna see “Us Placers” live!

  17. They will perform Us Placers on GID tour, Lupe said so on 106th n Park

  18. Yezzir: Awesome! Thanks for letting me knonw 😀

  19. Paris,Tokyo is and fourty videoclip and hip-hop saved my life is perfect videoclip and perfect production by Soundtrakk.Lupe is perfect mc.

  20. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Latitudinally.

  21. interesting post-modernism.Very pleased me.

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