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3 More Lupe Music Videos On The Way!

ha ha ha ha haaaa! Shooting 2 this week, shot “Hip Hop Saved My Life” last week. FNF UP & AWAY!!!


17 Responses to “3 More Lupe Music Videos On The Way!”

  1. wow crazy. cant wait.

  2. Cheeya, I wonder what videos they’re shooting. I’m guessing Paris, Tokyo will be one of them.

  3. i think its Paris Toyko and Go Baby. Lu on the MTV ads durin MTV commercial breaks. you can see part of the Go Baby video. check it out.

  4. hmm, i wonder why they chose go baby and not little weapon, high definition or intruder alert…or even the coolest? soo many good songs to choose from

  5. dang that’s a lot of vids….just thinking about it is getting me tired. can’t wait to seem the 🙂

  6. i think they will be paris tokyo, go baby, and little weapon

  7. two of them are definitely hip-hop saved my life and paris,tokyo. Not sure about the third one though

  8. i re-read the RealtalkNY interview and Lupe said he was doin Paris Toyko, Hip Hop Saved My Life, and Intruder Alert and one of them is goin to be low budget.

  9. Nice too see he is releasing all these videos!

  10. 3 more??? YEAH BABY! sooo cooool
    cant wait for Hip Hop Saves My Life video!!!

    Happy Birthday Lu:))

  11. I think this is awesome…i think streets on fire should be one of them…I thought that song was hot but from what d.swanky said i guess not FnF UP ALL DAY

  12. probably paris, tokyo and go baby (go baby most commercial)

  13. Man, If Lupe made a video for “Streets on Fire”, that would put his lyrical game on the map…It’s a shame that people are still sleepin on ya Lu…

  14. I can’t any longer for another Lupe video…if i dont see one in two days i will die.

  15. Paris, Tokyo and Go-Go Gadget Flow. FNF up!

  16. interesting post-modernism.Very pleased me.

  17. primely much interesting.

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