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Thanks #1 Rap Album, Over 150k Units Moved…

Just got off the phone with Fiasco, he’s still on his much needed vacation in Hawaii, but is hitting the studio for some fun tonight probably. THE COOL album that’s in stores is just the beginning of this project. So many videos, singles, remixes on the way. Indie and Hip Hop kids are going to lose their minds over the next few months I promise! The tour is kicking off in a week, be sure to cop your tickets on before it’s too late, aight?

Don’t forget to tune in this upcoming Friday, January 4th to the “Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS to see Lupe perform “Superstar” live on television for the 1st time with Matthew Santos. Check your local listings for channel/time information. UNTIL NEXT TIME, FNF UP!!!! Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


11 Responses to “Thanks #1 Rap Album, Over 150k Units Moved…”

  1. You mean January 4th, don’t you?

  2. oops, thanks homey! updated

  3. ….maybe in your next conversation with Lu you can tell him the tour schedule is crap. not a single midwest location…although he isn’t from the Chi. (tongue-in-cheek)
    Peace piece.

  4. lu is going plat if go go gadget flow is the net single. read my lips, damn it! (no bush haha)

  5. lupe got no love for the uk 😦

  6. bought 2 albums. i rly dunno wut i want to be the next single. i like paris, tokyo a LOT, but it might be too mellow for radio. maybe hi-definition?

  7. bought 5 copies and got em all signed at the bassment in the chi

    haven’t even popped em in the CD player cuz i already had the album

    just bought that shit to support the best rapper alive

    FNF UP!

  8. busy post the fucking video for “we on,” G!

    damn i know ur busy but people wanna peep that shit!

  9. The Cool is definitely a hot album, and it’s definitely got multi-plat potential, I see a lot of directions that this project can go in, and I know what will get a lot of people behind the F&F movement…Little Weapon should be a single, maybe not the next single, cause Paris, Tokyo is bringin back that Tribe Called Quest feelin, and the game needs that right now, and then I’m thinkin that Go Baby will do really well on the charts if the video is sick, like on an Outkast Hey Ya type of deal…but Little Weapon should be a single…with a remix that features Micheal Jackson, cause that just sounds like a track Mike should be on…lmao holla @ ya boy Lu! I got MAD ideas, I should be a rep for sum1s label, why not urs!

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  11. Have you heard that new Curren$y and Nate Dogg track on itunes called “Lets Get It Crackin?”

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