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Sorry I Left You…

Last 2 weeks have been crazy! FNF is def on full blast these days, with THE COOL hittin’ shelves last week! Numbers are looking very good, should be doing at least 160k+ 1st week, which is incredible! Thanks to all the fans for copping the album, appreciate the support!

This week it’s off to Hawaii for the FNF crew for a special Myspace ‘Release’ event @ Pipeline Cafe. Then it’s back to NYC to do David Letterman on 1/2 (make sure u tune in for a crazy HOT performance of “Superstar”)!

Well, I’m out for now – time to get ready for Christmas! Still got some shopping to do! Oh, and don’t forget to check out the “Blog” on – Bishop G will be the blogger on there, aight? FNF UP!!!!


3 Responses to “Sorry I Left You…”

  1. loving the new website layout lupe, and with the little animation u had of history’s grave they spelt michael wrong LOL

    anyway, cant wait to buy THE COOL, even tho i have to wait till january ūüė¶ , im still gonna blast that shit into my ears non stop


  2. The Cool is dope! Bought my 2 copies! FNF u-p! Peace piece.

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