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New Lu Interview @

It’s the best of times and the worst of times for Lupe Fiasco. As of next week’s release of his sophomore effort Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool, he remains critically beloved. Plus, the day I called him, he’d just received his fourth Grammy nomination for “Daydreamin,’” off his debut, Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor. Meanwhile, he’s had a rough couple of months, flubbing the words to A Tribe Called Quest’s song “Electric Relaxation” at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors awards in October, and then threatening legal action against Vibe after they quoted him saying Tribe wasn’t all that. (He complained that Vibe misrepresented the timing of the quotes, and Vibe issued a correction.) On the phone from L.A., he doesn’t backpedal from his recent assertion that he may quit recording after The Cool’s follow-up, but does talk about his love for Chris Brown and, unexpectedly, Ian Astbury.

Read the interview here!

8 Days until THE COOL! FNF UP!!!


15 Responses to “New Lu Interview @”

  1. GENIUS!

    i want his books.

  2. amazing a book im not a reader but i am a huge fan of lupe fiasco so expect me to be reading lol

  3. GOLD WATCH SUCKS!!!! how could you guys select that beat? that damn SQUEAKING. god, it’s so annoying.

    i was going to say that The Cool was flawless until i heard that song.

  4. ur kidding right. his flow is smooth as fuck on that song. and the DJ scratches just adds to the aesthetic of the whole album. gold watch is the second best song….

  5. can’t wait for this album to drop

    real talk even tho i already heard it i’m copping more than one copy

    busy, you got to post more, mad shit is happening with lupe homie!

    and the album ain’t 8 days away any more, it’s coming sooner than that 🙂


  6. RAM, ur crazy. i wasnt talking about flow. that’s always on point. i’m talking about the squeaking in the background. u cant possibly think the song wouldnt be better without it. i love everything about the song except that. it would be smooth as shit if they took it out.

  7. count me as crazy too. i actually don’t mind the squeaking in the background either. i think gold watch is a dope record.

  8. TOMMOROW!!!


  10. a classic by any standards.

  11. man he loves street fighter II!! that really caught me on gold watch hehe

  12. The CD is very great, it’s still growing on me.

    Gold Watch is great! That’s like my favorite right now, it has to grow on you lol but hey…different strokes for different folks.

  13. The First real verse on hellogoodbye is pure fire

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