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from THE COOL hittin’ the web! Keep checking around…

December 18th!!! fnf up


30 Responses to “New Track TONIGHT”

  1. whoa…

    great way to start off the weekend

  2. haha, definitely…i wonder if it’ll be a whole track.

  3. yes it will be an entire track, THE COOLEST

  4. will it be on this site?

  5. cant wait …. well i can… im gonna stay awake till it comes its 2329 here now

  6. OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh man, I can’t waittttt.

  8. it coming out 2day…….yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. great news… today is a good day for music… too bad i gotta read 400 pages of a book and learn a language by the end of this weekend… :-/

    *cries and gets started*

  10. wtf……. i didnt write that on december 1st…..its still 11/30 here

  11. Please be the Paris, Tokyo track.

  12. Here it is ladies and gentlemen!!


  13. it’s out now …

    “The Coolest”

  14. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!


  15. for real. this song is better than everything on Graduation and American Gangster.

  16. The coolest nigga WHAT?!

  17. its on hip hop dx if anyone cares

  18. hot shit, this defintely got me amped for the album im so ready for this shit to drop. coppin it first day. much love Lu’ and keep killin cuz imma support to the fullest if u keep comin wit this type of material.

  19. ommgggggggg just the first 2 seconds with that eerie noise got me pumped!!!! who produced?

  20. holy smokes son!!! no doubt, ima buy this cd and rock it till the hairs on my head turn gray and my jeans begin to fade…

    keep it up Lupe

  21. The Coolest….a beautifully dark brilliant record. Go Lu!

  22. Yeah i wanna hear the “The Coolest” i heard it at the House Of Blues on Halloween w/o the instrumentals of course but the lyrics was FIYA!! of course lolz

    Dec 18th my 20th bday and the Day that the Coolest Nigga drops his album lolz FNF UP

  23. the coolestniggawha

  24. snippets of the entire album!

  25. yep…. or at hiphopdx

  26. my comment on Hip Hop DX//////////////Doesn’t quiet follow the great Food & Liquor, but is still pretty good. The songs the I can’t wait for are: Little Weapon, The Coolest (Already Downloaded It), Superstar (Same), Paris, Tokyo, The Fighters, and in my opinion the best song on the album Hello/Goodbye. I think I’m disapointed in at least 4 or 5 songs though. But who know,…..after all they are just snippets. December 18th= a trip 2 best buy

  27. scratch that, …… its fucking AMAZING!!!!!

  28. Haha, LOL…i have to restrain myself from listening to it too much lol…i didnt appreciate a whole lotta the songs on the first listen….the song i really wanna hear is Gotta Eat, thats gonna be insane!

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