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Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool – Cast of Characters

Lupe Fiasco (star/narrator/writer/director)
Born: 1982
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Biography: Born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, Lupe Fiasco is a rarity in today’s record industry – an artist more concerned with creating timeless, not timely, music. After years of false-starting label deals and mixtape dominance, Fiasco broke through the mainstream’s shield in early 2006 with “Kick Push,” a breezy skateboarder’s ballad that only hinted at his lyrical wizardry. Such verbal gifts became crystal clear on his critically lauded debut, Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor. Having brushed with fame while admirably maintaining his integrity, Fiasco is now taking his substance-over-style approach to new, conceptual levels on his sophomore effort, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool.

Cool Points
– In 2005, Fiasco delivered a scene-stealing verse on Kanye West’s hit single, “Touch The Sky.”
– Fiasco was nominated for three Grammy Awards—Best Rap Solo Performance (“Kick Push”); Best Rap Song (“Kick Push”); and Best Rap Album (Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor).
– In addition to the Grammys, Fiasco was also honored at the 2007 BET Awards (Best New Artist nomination) and 2007 Soul Train Awards (Best New R&B/Soul or Rap New Artist nomination for “I Gotcha”).
– His most nominations came at the 2007 BET Hip Hop Awards: Hip Hop CD of the Year (Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor); Hip Hop Video of the Year (“Kick Push”); Rookie of the Year; and Element Award – Lyricist of the Year.
– Through Atlantic Records, his homebase, Fiasco launched his own company, 1st & 15th Entertainment. His first artist (outside of his own projects) will be Gemini.
– In January 2006, Fiasco signed a deal with Reebok. As part of the footwear/apparel company’s “O.G.” campaign, he designed his own sneaker.
– GQ Magazine named Fiasco as the “Breakout Man of the Year” for 2006.

Michael Young History
Born: March 2006
Birthplace: Every Hood, USA

Biography: Since his early childhood days, Michael Young History was conflicted. Raised by a single, hard-working mother, History never really knew his father, a man who abandoned both History and his baby sister. This lack of paternal guidance turned an otherwise intelligent, promising boy into a drug-selling, money-grubbing Scarface-wannabe. Starting off as merely a petty crook, History’s torrid affair with his mentor’s (Game) wife, The Streets, sent him on a downward spiral of greed, deception, and, ultimately, death.

Cool Point
– An unabashed atheist, History anointed his own “holy trinity”—himself, Streets and The Cool.

The Cool
Resurrected: Amongst the undead since September 2006
Birthplace: Six feet under the Earth’s surface

Biography: The Cool is the physical manifestation of History’s debt to humanity. Payback for every user abused and every family torn apart by History, The Cool walks amongst the living as a zombie. “He” – that term used lightly, considering The Cool isn’t human – reeks of death, an ironic contrast to his polished three-piece-suit appearance. Searching for his purpose, The Cool haunts The Streets.

Cool Points
– His only possessions—two diamond earrings, a gold chain, and a letter from History’s eight-year-old sister.
– Despite the long-finished settling of rigor mortis, the sharp sensation of three bullets constantly causes aching in The Cool.
– Only one thought plays in his head like a broken record – “Hustler for death, no heaven for a gangster.”

The Game
Born: Given life the moment the snake suckered Adam and Eve
Birthplace: The Garden of Eden

Biography: An immortal, soulless entity, The Game scours city blocks and country landscapes with equal menace. Scheming from morning until night, he changes targets like the wind – hustlers, politicians, celebrities, and impressionable youth have all succumbed to his charms. His most valued accomplice is his wife, The Streets. Together, this “Bonnie and Clyde” duo have affected the lives of every man, woman, and child. The victim closest to their affections, however, was Michael Young History, a tortured man seeking acceptance through fame and fortune. Of course, nothing from The Game comes without a price.

Cool Points
– Quite convincing, his foolproof method of touching minds is through blunt fingertips.
– Through his wire-tapped ears, he’s able to hear the approaching of any enemy.
– When not hovering over common society, he lives behind bars, plotting ways to see his son, Heroine, and secretly conversing with his marital lover, The Streets.
– Despite carrying out such heartless actions, The Game does have a blood-pumping system – an amplified system pumping beats through woofer-like veins.

The Streets
Born: Conceived thousands of years ago, when the first paths and roads were paved.
Birthplace: Unknown

Biography: A temptress like none other, The Streets possesses an uncanny knack for seduction and betrayal. An equal opportunity heartbreaker, she exudes an allure irresistible to both men and women. Some have accused her of pedophilia, having lured people into her tangled web at ages as immature as eight years old. The word “love” isn’t in her vocabulary –although The Game is her admitted soulmate. Yet, The Streets has always felt a peculiarly strong connection with Michael Young History.

Cool Points
– Often referred to by her condemners as a “demon in a dress.”
– No stranger to loss, she’s tattooed the names of her murdered ex-boyfriends across her breasts.
– Her ambitions are clear upon eye contact, with dollar signs in the place of her pupils.
– Witnesses to History’s slaying reported seeing brown, almost Hennessy-colored tears roll down The Streets.


60 Responses to “Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool – Cast of Characters”

  1. Cooooool

  2. the symbolism on this thing is bananas. this is gonna be crazy.

  3. oh man. this thing sounds epic. kinda comicbook/geeky ish but really really creative. creative is what hiphop needs ryt now….. the concept is so real. ders more than one “michael young history” that i know on my block

  4. I like it. I heard somewhere that The Game was Michaels da but this is close enough.was The Game in Superstar




  6. I’m feeling like this is going to be the best album this year. Didn’t most of this come from his song real recognize real the whole “blunts for fingers and hollow tips for teeth” dec. 18 can’t come soon enough.

  7. all this is pointed out in “real recognize real”

    if all this was significant in his next few albums.. why didn’t lupe include real recognize real in the food and liquor final tracklist???

  8. my goodness, this is genius. Lupe really had everything figured out in his head didnt he?

  9. i dont think he had it figured out i nhis head.. you know why…

    because “real recognize real” was not on food & liquor

    and “The Cool” was added after the leak with the help of kanyezee.

  10. Brilliant

  11. dont think he had it figured out i nhis head.. you know why…

    because “real recognize real” was not on food & liquor

    and “The Cool” was added after the leak with the help of kanyezee.

    hE did havE it figurEd out bEcausE [rEal rEcognizE rEal] was on thE original food and liquor. with rEal rEcognizE rEal, hE didn’t nEEd a [thE cool]. thE lEak just gavE him morE timE to gEt with a couplE of classic producErs such as thE nEptunEs and kanyE. it just so happEnEd that him and kanyE madE a classic track.

  12. excited

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  15. “They say the game has the belly of a beast..with blunts for fingers and hollow tips for teeth.”

    I wanted this song to be on the official F&L, but the whole concept is amazing. Great vision man, keep doin your thing.

  16. […] here’s a detailed look at the cast of characters on the album, some of which we already heard a little […]

  17. IS this going to be a 2-DISC album I hope so.

  18. […] Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool – Cast of Characters Lupe Fiasco (star/narrator/writer/director) Born: 1982 Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois Biography: Born Wasalu Muhammad […] […]

  19. this is why lupe is by far the best rapper alive. my blog backs me up on this statement, so peep it.

  20. wow, this blog is mad popular. they better not stop posting again.

  21. Yeah wow. Used be be like 3-4 comments now into the twenties. Someone’s doing something right.


  23. Here is the track list for “Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool”:

    Iesha Poem
    “Free Chilly”
    “Go Go Gadget Flow”
    “The Coolest”
    “Superstar” featuring Mathew Santos
    “Paris Tokyo”
    “High Definition” featuring Snoop Dogg and Pooh Bear
    “Little Weapon”
    “Hip-Hop Saved My Life” featuring Nikki Jean
    “Gold Watch”
    “Street on Fire” featuring Mathew Santos
    “Hello Goodbye”
    “Gotta Eat”
    “Dumb It Down” featuring Gemini and Graham Burris
    “The Die” featuring Gemini
    “Put You on Game”
    “Fighters” featuring Mathew Santos
    “Go Baby Go”

    here is one of hi new tracks “Hello Goodbye” performed live in Vegas:

  24. hello goodbye is going to be the next “emperors soundtrack”

    paris tokyo is gonna be that Ringtone Destroyer!!

    and its not free chilly the mixtape track, its “free chilly interlude”

  25. That was ill.
    Like/it is poetry.
    Can’t wait for the album!





  27. […] to Historys slaying reported seeing brown, almost Hennessy-colored tears roll down The Streets. Source – CRS Website […]

  28. I am Feend for this album guy. But I got a question – is “Real Recognize Real” on any album?? First I heard of it was today. Heard it on YouTube, but is it not gonna be on this new album? Im pretty sure I got every Lupe CD (mixtapes included). Where can I get this track?? Anybody?
    Thanks Guys

  29. lupe is so sick…how does he come up with this???

    he’s like the Shakespeare of hip-hop

    can’t wait for The Cool!!!

  30. […] away, or at the very least leave you to think about them. To illustrate this, here is a cut from an article giving a breakdown of the characters that are key to “The […]

  31. If you listen to the lyrics from The Cool on Food and Liquor, you’ll find History, and “The Cool.” That’s where a lot of this comes from.

  32. i’ve come to the realization that Lupe is not from Earth. He was born in the Black Hole in 1972, traveled to Earth at some point during the 80’s in the form of an infant. With lyrics like his, he cant be a real human…this man goes HARD on “put u onto game” then in the first verse of “gotta eat” he uses a parallel of a big mac and a killer to discuss how food is killing niggas! what the fuck lupe…i dont even wanna listen to any other rappers…for the rest of my life…maaaan!

  33. lol word ^^.

    The way he developed these ideas are crazzyy. It’s just sad that so many people will/do not understand the depth in this music.
    listening to both albums and reading this makes the picture that more clearer.
    Truly an inspiration. And something that will be sparking interest for many many years.

    Lupe is the realest.

  34. is that kadeem hardison on the cover as “the cool”

  35. […] 10. Lupe Fiasco – The Cool You think Talib Kweli’s album was ambitious? Check out the footnotes for this album(courtesy of childrebelsoldier). I don’t know where this guy came from. He made an appearance […]

  36. yooo lupe is crazyy… i jus figured out all this on my own by listenin to his two albums… typed it in on wikipedia haha n now im here. i knew he had a concept going. this blog helped me figure it out more clearly though… anyone got anymore information on this whole thing aha this is like harry potter or some shit. lupes music is just as good as a book or a movie. he can make millions with this concept if everyone understands this…

  37. whoa,what can i say about the lupe album? its ah classic i know that much! my fav is intruder alert,paris tokyo,&& little weapon! your my inspiration.

    i love your music.

  38. Lupe is a friggin genius. That is all.

  39. lupe is the illest rapper out in a lonnnng time…the concepts that he have for his albums are just amazing. he gives a simple message: what we think is “cool” aint as “cool” as we think they are&i totally agree… “dumb it down”&”the coolest” are two of my favorites…matter of fact, that whole album plus “food&liquor” are just phenomenal. im just upset that ppl cant see that this is the way that hip hop should be. lupe is too “uncool” for these lame rappers that are out today. peace&blessings to him forreal…

  40. wow!!! at first i thought it was just an amazing album but now…now its phonomenal!!! the explination of these charachters gives an even greater understanding of his genius. no one will ever be able to touch this, no one!!!

  41. In superstar the guy breaking out of the chair aint the game… im sure its a new character from his new CD LUPend… cause in F&L lupe tells us about the birth of The Cool
    any ways only one way to find out!

    LU ur a genius!

  42. MI…CHAEL(COOL) YOUNG HISTORY… dammnn he good.

  43. […] • Seen any good productions lately?: No? Well, wait until Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool. Apparently there is a whole cast of characters involved with the project. First the concept album goes big, now an album as a metaphor? Check more here: childrebelsoldier […]

  44. Lupe Fiasco’s wordplay and delivery – smooth
    Rudy Lopez beats – off the hook – plus his sound is only gonna get hotter – soundtrakk is a gear head… I know he gets the right pieces for the studio

    Only thing I’d like to see thrown in the mix is a verse on that recipe with some
    Charles Hamilton.
    Would be nice to hear Lupe’s verses on a lot other artist’s songs too.. Either way… love the music.

  45. the cool is still the greatest album that’s come out in the past 2 or 3 years! Lupe and kanYe West! Anything else just isn’t as satisfying or interesting!

  46. Okay, I fell in LOVE w/The Cool on my own, but after reading this ima little confused, I need to understand this more! Especially which tracks have which characters & stories .. help! Lol email me:

  47. […] So yesterday, Lupe Fiasco released his cast of characters for his new album, The Cool. You can read the full rundown over at his blog Child Rebel Soldier. […]

  48. i LOVE his mind. That entire album is so so dope. He’s light years ahead of all else.

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    like you wrote the ebook in it or something. I believe that you just could do with some p.
    c. to drive the message house a little bit, however instead of that, that is wonderful blog.
    A great read. I will definitely be back.

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  56. I always spent my half an hour to read this blog’s articles or
    reviews everyday along with a mug of coffee.

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    Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool – Cast of Characters | child rebel soldier

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