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Everyday Is Not A “Fiasco”

Hova Hova Hova…


Taken from Blender magazine’s interview with Jay-Z:

Blender: Easier question, then: Excluding anyone on Def Jam, who’s your favorite rapper these days?

Jay-Z: I’d say, Lupe Fiasco. I love Lupe. He’s a genius writer. In his approach to making music and the depth of his lyrics, the guy is incredibly smart. I’m sure he goes over people’s heads, but I love him for that.

…read the entire interview with Jay-z @! “American Gangster” album in stores NOW on Rocafella/Def Jam!!


10 Responses to “Hova Hova Hova…”

  1. lupe is the best dude out. plus, wayne is on universal (not def jam), so hov knows wut he’s talkin bout.

  2. love how yall are updating the blog. keep up the good work.

  3. hova, hova, are y’all out there…

    dope that he says that. is he on the cool too?

  4. jay-z knows what hes talking about – lupe is better than jay-z

  5. ^^^^ hahahaha, no he isn’t. nobody is even close to jay. maybe you should listen to reasonable doubt…

  6. Yeah really. Lupe is pretty awesome but still out of Jigga’s league.. he has the potential, but judging him on one album a bunch of mixtapes isn’t gonna cut it.

  7. reasonable doubt was a classic… But the rest of his albums were a’ight…

  8. what? have you heard volume 3, the blueprint, or the black album?

  9. lupe has potential to be better than Jay-z, but then again so did Eminem…..

  10. sweeeeet! lol

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