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I Got My Gold Watch and My Gold Chain…

Lupe Fiasco Performs with Matthew Santos and Patrick Stump (FOB) @ mtvU Woodie Awards

Yeah Yeah!!! Haha, THE COOL is the album of the year! Ain’t nothing fucking with it…I’ma drop a little snippet of a crazy HOT track next week called “Gold Watch” produced by Chris & Drop (they’ve worked with Swizz, Amerie, Cassidy etc – also did the intro and outro beat on F&L) — so be on the lookout! Anyways life is good on the FNF front, Lu killed it at the MTVu Woodie Awards on Thurs night, performed “Superstar” with Matthew Santos and FALL OUT BOY!!! Airs soon, check for details! “Superstar” video is everywhere online, and the video is rocking across every MTV channel. Until, next time…FNF UP!!!


10 Responses to “I Got My Gold Watch and My Gold Chain…”

  1. Can’t wait 4 the cool

  2. yeah, Chris&Drop!
    got pretty high expectations for the beat because of their beat on F&L…

  3. i love how lupes camp is the only people keeping this blog up

  4. …Oh yea. Isn’t this supposed to be a CRS site?

  5. I CAN’T WAIT!!

  6. i think i’ll like this joint more than superstar. that beat on FL was bananas!

  7. i cant wait to hear the fullsong of “paris, tokyo” dats gonna be sick

  8. btw who made the beat for paris, tokyo ?

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