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Angie Martinez Interviews Lupe @ Hot 97!


8 Responses to “Angie Martinez Interviews Lupe @ Hot 97!”

  1. I’m putting this interview up on my site….he’s a funny dude….
    that gave a great reason to NOT eat red M&Ms….type cool

  2. he shut her ass up. i still love red M&M’s

  3. I was listening to that interview on the radio and cracking up! Great interview! Great to see the video!

  4. At UNKLE‚Äôs recent performance at the Vegoose Festival, Las Vegas they were joined on stage by Lupe Fiasco for the performance of UNKLE’s “Chemistry.” James Lavelle of UNKLE informed the crowd that this new vocal version of the song will be appearing on a forthcoming Lupe Fiasco release.

    care to elaborate, Busy????

  5. lupe, i aint heard ur single once on the radio! maybe u should come out with sumthin else cuz superstar definitely aint poppin.


  7. lmao!!! DAT’S Y I’M CHOKIN ‘ U RITE NOW!!! lol.

  8. Keep it up, bookmarked and referred some mates.

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