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It’s Sunday…

So tomorrow the big SUPERSTAR video premieres on MTV2, TRL on Tuesday…, mtvU all day! Lupe will be in the NYC this week for a few days, to finish mixing the album and to sequence the record (won’t be 20 tracks on there! probably like 14-16 with exclusive bonus tracks at iTunes, Circuit City etc…). Lu’s also gonna do Angie Martinez show on Hot97 this week, DJ Clue on Power 105, and BET’s Rap City (will air later…). Shoutouts to the D-O double G…a yes sir!!! 12/18 THE COOL!!!


12 Responses to “It’s Sunday…”

  1. is dumb it down a bonus track? i dunno. it just doesn’t seem like album quality to me.

    can’t wait for the album!! this is gonna be CRAZY! if it’s better than F&L production-wise, it could be one of the best rap albums ever.

  2. check my vid from the concert, alot closer

  3. Man are you joking? Dumb it Down is one of the most lyrically intense (read greatest) tracks I’ve ever heard. A much echoed sentiment.

  4. yeah, the lyrics are crazy, but the beat is ehhhhh.

  5. Is the video up yet? I checked couldnt find it.

  6. WTF the beats heavyy…


    “Copyright Prevents Viewing from Outside the U.S.”

    Yeah because clearly no one likes/purchases music outside the bloody U.S.

  8. Will lupe be in ny next week…I run a high school in brooklyn ..the kids luv em …I am from the go ..47th …let him come thru.. I will organize something peace

  9. and he’s always great live…..ask about him

    for europeans and other non-us citizens…

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