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12.18 – The Coolest…

Word on the street is…Lupe played his entire new album a whopping 20 tracks to the staff at Atlantic Records today, and the label peeps lost their minds over the music they heard! The entire building is so gassed up, they are going to be working extra hard on this one! Expect early reviews poppin’ up soon….quiet as kept i heard Bishop G spits a mean 16…

Anyways, the big Halloween show tomorrow in Chicago, mang! It’s sold out, so luck you, if you got your tickets early! There is going to be so many surprises there! It’s going down!!!! Also, “Superstar” video is done, Hype did an incredible job…and it will be premiereing on November 5th – you will get to meet The Game, The Streets and The Cool that day as well! ha ha ha ha haaaa!

So what else? Well Lu’s gonna continue to hit the road, hitting up all the location radio stations in your city/town/hood you know! Spins are increasing every week, and the onslaught of press is COMING soon! Still 12/18…Still L-U-P-E…

Oh yea, the entire version of “Paris Toyko” – yeah it’s sick son! Anyways until next time…FNF UP all day!!!! FREE CHILLY!!!


6 Responses to “12.18 – The Coolest…”

  1. thats is an ass load of good info right thea. 20 tracks!!!!! thats wat im talking bout baby!

  2. Damn right… sick of these EP’s posing as albums.

    Can’t wait for Superstar vid. When’s “Paris, Tokyo” dropping?

  3. Damn, someone got hooks to “Paris, Tokyo?”

  4. im like so hype after reading about how many tracks are on the album and how the execs went crazy.omg i cant wait for the album, the wait is gettin unbearable.

  5. this is the best news i heard fnf up

  6. i can’t wait for this joint!

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