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Fiascogate Is Over…

Thanks to all the message boards, sites, radio djs and bloggers – it’s been a long week! Don’t believe everything your read folks! Q-Tip and Lu have spoken to each other today, might actually go on tour with each other top of the year and Tip is even gonna be involved in a major way with the CRS project…suckas!!!

Anyways, 8 days left of studio recording in Chicago before THE COOL is 100% done…”Superstar” video came out incredible – shoutouts to HYPE WILLIAMS, and the radio spins are looking GREAT! Ahhh yes, FNF we back!!!!

December 18th…FNF UP!!! And Chicago peeps, don’t miss the Lupe show @ House Of Blues on Halloween! Get your tickets now, before it sells out! Oh and log on to on Friday to meet THE GAME!


15 Responses to “Fiascogate Is Over…”

  1. When you coming to DC, lupe?

  2. His over-defensive post on Okayplayer was still unnecessary, so please tell him to stop talking about it. It’s not helping his cause. With that said, I hope he does well.

  3. i went on the site…wheres The Game?

  4. Yeah man it’s Friday.

    Got me all pumped =(

  5. Lupe is the best of the best. I absolutely adore him. The interview he did with Kay Kay? was on point. Q-Tip was on the radio in the bay area a few days ago and had nothing but love for Lupe.

  6. fooled us again….

  7. sorry guys, didnt get what i needed in time…BUT it will be up monday for sure…oh and i never said it was a track…you’ll meet THE GAME on monday for sure though…

  8. No-one here said it was a track?

    Got me all excited now… =P

  9. it’s all about the cool fnf up

  10. The Game seems like a nice guy.

  11. a picture? thats it?

  12. And a quote from a freestyle!


  14. do u ever update this blog?

  15. It’s been near 3 weeks since the last update. WTF?

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