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lupe @ vh1 hip hop honors

Backstage @ Vh1 Hip Hop Honors

Yo you internet heads are crazy! LOL – I attended the show the other night, and it was probably the best event I’ve ever been to..Lupe did not forget his words (we’ll maybe 1 or 2 words, not really noticeable)…and you will see yourself on Monday night at 10pm. He actually killed it, trading lines back and forth with Pharrell (watch clip here!) AND he rapped on “Scenario” flawlessly over the track! Q-Tip had hand picked Lupe to be in the performance, not vh1. And he was well aware, Lu did not grow up on their music, but rather Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie and 2pac. BUT, was still a huge fan of Lu.

Anyways, it’s off to LA – 3 day shoot for the “Superstar” video DIRECTED BY HYPE WILLIAMS. It’s gonna be amazing!!! Should debut towards the end of the month – stay tuned…i’ll post pics from the set soon…FNF UP!!! THE COOL IS COMING!!


4 Responses to “lupe @ vh1 hip hop honors”

  1. Busta got the best style on this pic…lol

  2. the chain, the hat, the little belly & the face…hilarious…

  3. why you lyin…tip didnt pick him. VH1 picked him. He made a statement about it. that fool messed up one of the most memorable lines in hiphop.

    Busta’s still the man. his belly is huge but he still killed it and he still looks ridiculous like the old days. i was hyped watchin it on tv.

    Lupe loses points for this one though.

  4. it is what it is. useful enough for me to bookmark.

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