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“I Don’t Think I’m That Strong Of A Brand Yet”

I love SOHH! They did an interview with Lupe on Friday at the Atlantic Records office in NYC, and the 1st pieces of it hit online today…they always take a quote and make such a crazy subject line outta it. The video part of the interview should be up soon, its gonna be a great interview, Lu touched on some interesting topics, which will be very interesting to hear…

Oh and please don’t forget to tune in to the vh1 hip hop honors next week…very BIG surprise performance going down there…okayplayer kids are gonna LOVE it! Shoutouts to Kanye…loving the blog, almost as good as this one…haha!


5 Responses to ““I Don’t Think I’m That Strong Of A Brand Yet””

  1. performance @ hip-hop honors….perfect

  2. is lupe performing?

  3. Im def checking it out…CRS gets me excited about real hip hop again. Thank you!

  4. when will the full interview be up?

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