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1st Lupe Interview @

Lupe Exclusive Interview @
Shoutouts to my homey Brian @ – one of the 1st sites to feature Lupe, years back…much appreciated…so it was only right Lupe returned with an exclusive interview with them. Lu touches on the new album, Gemini, Matthew Santos, his clothing line “Trilly & Truly” and much more! Click Here to read, aight? FNF UPpers!!!

“Superstar” video is being shot next weekend in L.A. 🙂


3 Responses to “1st Lupe Interview @”

  1. Dope interview. Sucks for Gemini having to change his name…

    Cannot wait for this shit to drop, world’s gonna wake up to the Fiasco and we’re all gonna be saying “Told you so..”.

  2. i heard the album is gettin pushed bac to Dec. 18th… does anyone know if thats true… if it is im goin go cry lol

  3. What single comes after Superstar? I’m waiting for the SMASH hit.

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