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Everyday Is Not A “Fiasco”

How Do I Get On A Song With Ya?

And this is just the viral buzz video y’all! Wait until “Superstar” comes…THE COOL!!!


24 Responses to “How Do I Get On A Song With Ya?”

  1. Video is simple, but very cool. Can’t wait for Superstar. Awesome stuff.

    To all the people knockin’ the beat; think about it this way. The obvious focus of this track is the lyrical content. The beat provides a backdrop and a framework for Lupe to spit about what’s on his mind (In this case the ‘dumbing down’ of the industry).

    It’s a great song and a great little video clip.

  2. This video was very good. I’m glad that it is simple because there was too much info and metaphors to properly animate an awesome song such as “Dumb it Down.”

  3. Wow Lupe, that is amazing, I like that you’re finally getting at the fact that we need to stop rapping about bitches cars and money and more about the everyday struggle that man experiences, and the real hip hop culture and art, which seems almost lost.

    Thank You for yet another good song Lupe, hope your album is going well

    BTW – Ramadan Mubarak Cuz


  4. The beat was hot to me, the lyrics were creative. It was a bit too heavy on the metaphors though. He probably made it a point to use so many, but the song can get lost in translation; ie seemingly he’s freestyling whatever comes to his head… ie he’s rapping incoherently.

  5. “too heavy on the metaphors though” too heavey = too lyrical case and point, you people are who Gemini is mocking. Lupe calls all of you niggaz out with this. lets see what haters will have to say about this album. this is going to be in-ter-est-ing.

  6. Them big words ain’t cool, nigga.

  7. Wooo! Can’t wait, =p

  8. The beat is whack. I repeat: the beat is whack. Lupe, please go elsewhere for some of ur beats. Get some kanye or timbo beats. Hell, even go on myspace and look around. Soundtrakk and Pro aren’t delivering.

  9. Oh yeah Myspace is surely full of fantastic, undiscovered musical talent in the form of addicts yelling out “OMG LUPE I TTLY LYK LUV DAT SHIT HIT ME UP SUM TIME EH LOLZLLZLLZLOLZ I GOTS DA PHAT BEATS HEHEHE”.

  10. lol. Ur a stan. Lupe can do no wrong in ur eyes. The fact remains that you could browse myspace and find a beat way better than this (for way less money).

    Yes, I have looked up the lyrics (and the song is amazing with the metaphors), but the beat kills it. If this makes the album, I’ll be really disappointed.

  11. Have a look at wrote above (First comment). That’s my view of this track. And I think it was a conscious decision not to have a heavily produced beat for this one because we know Soundtrakk can do it (Food & Liquor).

  12. Are u dj busy? How could u possibly know that it was a conscious decision?

    Anyway, why would lupe choose such BORING beat? there are plenty of minimal beats from the neptunes (i.e. drop it like it’s hot; various clipse songs) that don’t put you to sleep.

    I am also aware that F&L was a compilation of 5 years of work. So basically, lupe was able to choose the best beats within that time period (except for the ones that wouldn’t clear) and made a classic album (though production still wasn’t a strong point). between F&L and now, he’s only had a year. I know lupe can deliver lyrically, but soundtrakk and pro probably won’t cut it. He should definitely hit up kanye for at least 5 songs (I’m sure he can get a friendship discount).

    By the way, I’m actually not too sure “Soundtrakk can do it.” Superstar is not a hit record (dont get me wrong; i love it). I can’t imagine it being on the radio, and that’s not because of the lyrics (is it ever?). It’s the beat and the (un-catchy) hook.

    I’m a big lupe fan. I just think he’s releasing the wrong songs.

    Sorry for writing an essay…

  13. hahaaah, the hook on superstar is damn catchy IMO.
    lupe def got a beat from The Neptunes(Chad) & Kanye…he can get kanye and pharrell-beats for less money since they started crs…fallout boy and dan the automator will also surely deliver a beat for the album…
    i like Soundtrakk & Pro’s beats but i think he should work with many different talented producers on The Cool…

  14. Just a fyi – PRO is no longer in FNF, he has no tracks on THE COOL. “Dumb It Down” beat is fresh as hell, ya’ll buggin!!!

    And don’t worry the beats on THE COOL are the hottest beats I’ve heard all this year….you will lose your mind, I promise…

    FNF UP!!

  15. so what happend between pro & lu?

  16. + thx for the info, busy

  17. I’m not doubting that this album will be classic. the concert rip of Paris/Tokyo (Wherever i Go) has been on repeat on my computer for like a month. There’s not a single Lupe song i dislike, including Dumb It Down. I just hold him to MUCH higher standards than any other artist and i expect every song to blow my mind.

    And i got a question. Is Pills (Real Recognize Real) gonna be on the album? Lupe mentioned that in The Cool there would be characters named The Streets and The Game, and I recognize these characters from that song.

  18. nah, why should he put a song on the album that all the lupe-fans already know…?

  19. Kanye did it with Homecoming…

    I’m just saying that it would really fit the theme and help explain the story.

  20. The hook for Superstar is definitely catchy. I play it at the dorm all the time and low and behold people start singing it. Superstar is already getting a decent amount of air play on Hot 97 in NY.

  21. LUPE in my opinion is the dopest MC in the game right now. But pushing the “The Cool” (which I know will be class material) back to Dec.18 probably isn’t the smartest move because that is the day that Lil Wayne is speculated to drop Tha Carter 3. I don’t want another 50 & Kanye West jumpoff. Lupe is the better rapper, but Lil Wayne is more well known unfortunately. I want “The Cool” to get the commercial success that F&L deserved, and in order to do that, the album should be moved up a week or somethin.

  22. Where’d you hear the date?

  23. I think Lupe Fiasco is much better then lil wayne, Cuz fiasco is lyrically beter then wayne , My opinion. But the Vid Is Pretty good and the beat was pretty good.

  24. wayne’s leaked album was trash, so there’s no way i’m copping his shit in december. lupe all day.

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