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Everyday Is Not A “Fiasco”

Pour Champagne On A B*tch…

Haha! Gotta love Gemini for that line…Well, the good news is Fiasco is back from Japan…A huge station in NYC just added “Superstar” in full rotation, weeks before the add date, and the “Dumb It Down” video is dropping most likely tomorrow, few more edits being made…The bad news? None – haha….Lu is BACK in New York this week…he’ll be on Angie Martinez’s show on Friday on Hot 97 and DJ Clue’s show on Power 105 as well….then the secret studio by night to put the finishing touches on THE COOL. All is good in FNF land…Thanks for MTV this week for the love – here #1 and here #2…”R Kelly Is The New OJ” if you didn’t already hear? LOL!!! Oh and check for a interview on HHG that Lupe did today, should popup there soon!

CLICK HERE to cop “Superstar” from iTunes!!! For $1.49 you also get a free download of “Dumb It Down” – quality on both these tracks is amazing!!!


4 Responses to “Pour Champagne On A B*tch…”

  1. Yes! Please post the “Dumb it Down” video as soon as you can.

  2. Gah. Can only get the tracks if you live in the States.

  3. is dumb it down on the album? i’m loving the lyrics but not feeling the beat AT ALL…

    i cant wait till lupe has that one mega hit that makes him a star. Not sure if Superstar is it, honestly. but i’m anticipating the second official single.


  4. i love the lyrics AND the beat… it fits

    like the above person said, please post it as soon as you can

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