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“THE COOL” Coming…

Sorry guys I been super swamped at work these past few weeks…but I’m back now…so check back daily for updates…I’m gonna have Fiasco start bloggin’ on here too, every once in a while. This past week – Lu got on the SUPERSTAR grind in NYC – doing magazine interviews/photoshoots with the likes of RollingStone (Funk Flex?), Complex (Super fashion spread) and others! Plus, did interviews with Funkmaster Flex on Hot97 and Ed Lover on Power 105…Bunch of Sirius radio stuff too! And by night, Fiasco it to the studio, to finish up a few records…I got to hear about six more tracks off the album, that completely blew me away! If this album doesnt save Hip Hop I don’t know what will! Oh and the full version of “Paris Toyko” is ridiculous! Also, Chad from the Neptunes, gave the kid one of the sickest beats I’ve heard in years!! “Dumb It Down” video was shot in Chicago about a week ago, I saw a rough cut the other day…it’s madd low budget, but it’s hilarious, and will get the bloggers gassed up! “Superstar” video is being shot in LA in about 2 weeks…with a super BIG director – I know it’s gonna be amazing!

Here’s another picture from the studio in Jersey this week! Shoutouts to Wiz, Chris, D Jones, Jason S..

Lupe In Studio


5 Responses to ““THE COOL” Coming…”

  1. Thanks man… look forward to hearing some of these mad tracks winkwink.

  2. THE COOL is comin’!!! can’t wait man… hurd the verses on em superstar track.. dope one! powerful lyrics! FNF UP!

  3. I can’t wait man!

    PS> This Lupe track jus hit the internet dont think its new.

  4. sick. just heard about da concept of “the cool!” they say it’s gunna include stuff dat dates back 2 fiasco’s mixtape days. can’t wait 4 dis album 2 cum out now!

  5. that pic looks kind of like the room in the pic with hovito below.

    deff feeling a featured verse.

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