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“Dumb It Down” – Produced By Soundtrackk

Not the first single, but just a little taste of Lupe’s mind right now…


12 Responses to ““Dumb It Down” – Produced By Soundtrackk”

  1. As if make us sign up to some random website… tease.

  2. real ish Lupe. song is really good. keepdoing ya thing and please dont stop

  3. this is just amazing fnf up all the way reckless ent

  4. Oh yes 🙂

    I’ve been following Lupe since the first LP; it was completely underrated. I’m so glad to hear some new material and bwoy you bet not dumb down sh*t! 😉

    I love this blog and added you guys!

  5. cool blog you got. are you interested in joining up with and the coming soon
    email me at

  6. eh. song is okay. food and liquor was an AMAZIN’ album, but i’m dn’t think the cool’s gonna b able 2 compete wit’ it. no matter wut tho, lupe’s still da sht & i’m still gonna cop it. can’t wait ’till november.

  7. lupee keep it up. u’re great man. cant wait for your show here in brazil. tkz

  8. studio version of wherever I go is what im feenin for

  9. I met lupe at a store in Seattle called GOODS. He said this site is fan-made, but it is official. Tight site, and props to Lupe, Kanye, and Pharrell. Lupe is sick homie

  10. I could type a bunch of words, but I think I can convey them all in to: “HELL YEA!!!!!”

    That’s it.

  11. I spelled “two” wrong :-P. “Them big words ain’t cool Nigga”

  12. lmao, lupe keep doin ur thing. dis song iz hot

    but forreal though, stop playin’ and join Star Trak already lolol

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