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If You Are, What You Say You Are…

Lupe is currently in New Zealand doing some shows with MTV, but he has been all over the net this past week with news about his new album and more info about the CRS album, due to a Billboard interview he did a few weeks ago. Oh and FYI – there is a fake article, that says it was with Pitchfork, this was completly made up – Lu never commented on 50 Cent vs. Kanye West. Some message board loser, decided to get creative and create a fake interview, very weird. It’s true though, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool, will be in stores Novemer 20th. And no it wasn’t pushed back, the truth is he’s still working on the album. And from what I’ve heard so far, it is going to be simply AMAZING!


9 Responses to “If You Are, What You Say You Are…”

  1. sick performance. wats up with the updates? give us something to read

  2. da fuck go back to old skin!

  3. I like it that is all..

  4. lupe gonna kill this year. i hate that the album was pushed back though. nov 20th 07 the world is gonna change.

  5. i like the current skin better…

  6. wow this song is really a jam and a half excellent song, lupe kills the performance.

  7. i just love it man i can’t wait for the cool ya dig

  8. The joint is called superstar just go check out and hear it!!!! I love it!!!! I’m dying for the new album to come out no more push backs!!!! I can’t take it!!!! lol

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