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Sorry I Left You…

Without a hot blog to check to…haha! I heard Kanyeeze dropped some words about CRS in a recent DJ Semtex interview in London. Pharrell, I hear he’s in the studio working on a bunch of projects, he’s also in the new Twista video “Give It Up” which he also produced, the clip was directed by Hype Williams, premiering next week…And for Mr. Fiasco…Chicago peeps, you’re not gonna wanna miss his performance this Sunday at Lollapolloza. Let’s just say, he’s gonna be debuting a new track for the 1st time ever, that will make you lose your damn mind, aight? FNF UPppers!!! – THE COOL coming soon, mang! Oh, and cop that new Common album – it’s insane!


4 Responses to “Sorry I Left You…”

  1. FNF UPPP!

  2. There’s apparently a CRS track as an iTunes bonus for people who cop the pre-release.

    you know anything about this?

  3. cot my mailbox was a copy to graduation.
    im scared to listen to it.

  4. so the cool has been pushed back to nov 20 and says he might not even do mixtapes anymore.
    HAHA yea right. how you gon do 2 and thats it.
    hype to me

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