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Can’t Tell Me Nothing…

Lupe In Chicago

I heard the early stages of THE COOL a few weeks ago, and I am so gassed up like a 7year old in a candy store, its not even funny man (or mang! as Fiasco would say!). Heads are going to be so suprised with his direction, and the producers on this one! Ridiculous!!! So when are we going to hear something new? Ahhh..bout a few weeks, and guess what site will have it first? Stay tuned…FNF UP!


18 Responses to “Can’t Tell Me Nothing…”

  1. Can’t wait till the Album drops. I’m planning on buying it the day it comes out here. I have a friend who owns an album store and I asked him to keep me up-to-date on when his shipment comes in.

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. can’t wait…lupe is the man .. put lupe, kanye and pharrell in the same room… wow

  4. You better let us hear the new stuff soon…
    I’m f*ckin excited bout that !

  5. honestly, no disrespect to lupe’s FNF crew which I believe produced the majority of the debut but the beats gotta take a step up. im not putting the dudes down cause theres some really ridiculous beats on some of those tracks and there talented dudes for sure just gotta step up.


  6. 4nreal lupe dont need to step up his beats cause those beats from F&L were great. Lupe killing the game. and when the cool come out he’s the 1 that’s gonna save hiphop. even though in my opinion he saved it last year.

  7. They have to step up ? No, the beats on F&L were really great…
    But i’m sure they’ll take it even higher on “The Cool”

  8. you guys gotta understand the songs were too formulamatic. Intro – Lupe Verse – Sung Chorus. More than half of the songs on the album were this way, I only included Hurt me Soul in the “non” formulamatic count was because lupe kinda swings into the chorus from the verse even if he sings. I mean im not hating im just saying Lupe’s too fresh for that, but hes just starting regardless of the countless mixtapes hes got one album in the game, and just like Ye hes the kind of artist that just gets better with time. I have no fear what so ever from this album.

  9. somehow you’re even right. the choruses were all sung with the same high voice and were built the same…

  10. not all but the most

  11. Can’t wait!!

  12. zach galifinakis did a video to the cant tell me nothing song lol its hilarious:

  13. question:
    what do you have to do to be a contributor?
    i feel something great is gonna happen here and i wanna be apart of it man.

  14. You mean you want to leech off other peoples hardwork?

  15. @Marx. i dont know if you are behind this site but ill respond nvtl.

    what i mean is contribute and make this place better jackhole.
    but thanks for your intepretation sweety.

  16. LOLOL.

    That made my day, thanks.<3

  17. Um sure genius laugh away.
    Is the release date still oct 31st for the album?

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