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3 Months In The Making…



17 Responses to “3 Months In The Making…”

  1. When i heard Daft punk was being sampled, i got real giggity, its a perfect blend of hip-hop and techno. The video sorta reminds of of Akria with the whole motorcycle thing, this trippy but awsome.

  2. Overall, its a cool video, more concerned with the music itself though, and I have to say that the beat is tight, although techno sampling has been done before(Dilla with “Raise it Up”, “Where U At” as well as a few other joints offa beat tapes, even Swizz played with it for Busta’s “Touch It”) its always good to hear established “mainstream” beat makers to take it left field and expose the masses to unique production styles…

  3. i love crs music xD

  4. Yo kanye ripped it up in this song…FNF UP!!!

  5. I started to update the CRS wiki since i found this site.
    I hope more can be done here.
    Check out the CRS wiki yall!!!
    Im not that good at wiki-ing yet but ill get better.

    Also, i came into this as a Radiohead fan FIRST but im also from the hood so i cosign the song:-)

  6. Kanye is getting worse and worse. Does he have his own style or creativity? Or is he just going to steal it from everybody else? Rip off from Daft Punk, by no means do I think Daft Punk is a great group, but they created that song. Kayne then steals his video ideas from one of the greatest storytellers and animators of our time, Katsuhiro Otomo, from AKIRA. One of the greatest animes of all time.If you have not seen this anime before I suggest you rent it yourself and watch it. Please he is not trying to honor anyone by mimicking their styles. Kanye should have just stuck to spoken word and stop polluting the airwaves and television with this crap he calls………. music?

  7. Kanye is a sellout. DO NOT steal other peoples idea and creativity… I love Daft Punk too much to not say anything about Kanye’s crap remix of it. He killed the song by focusing on the graphics of the video rather than creating originality. over all: mainstream artists like kanye west should be silenced for ruining pop culture america and turning it into a consumer nation.

    if you haven’t seen it yet watch Merchants of Cool by Barak Goodman.. its an insight to bull shit artists like Kanye West.

  8. R u guys CRAZY! Yes Kanye duz do alotta samplin’, but when he duz do it, it’s in a way dat no-1-else duz. He has 2 b 1 of da best at da “samplin'” aspect of production. He has a da most unique style. Dat’s wutchu need now-a-days. Everything is repetative & boring now. I luv dis s***! Plus! U can’t tell him NOTHING!!! Hatin’ a** n****s.

  9. Are you guys retarded… Daft Punk is IN THE VIDEO

  10. agreed, Joe. People should pay more attention. And to Fuzzy Fuzz, if you’re going to defend a side in a debate, don’t type like you’re trying to save money on a text. It just makes your side of the argument look dumber, rather than successfully refuting anything. I definitely agree that Mr. West is one of the more original and inventive artists in the business today. One listen to “Diamonds From Sierra Leone(Remix)” should make that abundantly clear. But as far as the video, I love it. The homage to Akira is a genius move, and shows that he isnt afraid of alienating his audience to expand his creative horizons. Kanye West is one of a VERY few mainstream rappers who maintains my interest EVERY time he does something new. So I’m all about this.

    That is all.

  11. Don’t try & tell me how 2 speak kiddo. Really. Just acknowledge dat I’m right Johnny boy.

  12. FNF UP

  13. I think both the song and video is geniusly made! And CRS is like a dream coming true I mean kanye, lupe and pharrell it can’t get any better!

  14. I thought this was really cool. They make it stick.

  15. wow these guys are doing a good job at destroying all things good.

  16. to all the people claiming kanye “stole” daft punks music or what not.. man that noise needs to stop. daft punk got that song from
    a song called “Cola Bottle Baby” Edwin Birdsong.
    so calm the f*ck down
    its not that serious nig. aight zombies… or
    do like the others and ignore facts and talk sh*t

  17. Are you stupid, what the fuck that’s only the samples taken!!!! Goddamnit!!! Are you kindafuckin’ stupid, Daft Punk made that special beat for Kanye’s song, and has got a creativity, everybody even forgot about that song, kanye feels the power of the song and he ressurects it, so better say thank you uncle West, kanye has a real sence of music and he tries to improve the new music bring something classic and shit, so chill folks…

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