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Lupe’s Too “Cool” For You!

Lupe & Gemini

While Lupe hit the red carpet at the BET Awards the other night, he opened up about CRS saying “It’s a little project that me, Kanye, and Skateboard P sat down and was like, ‘Yo let’s do a group.’ ‘Us Placers,’ was the first record we came out with. Now we sitting down deciding if we really going to go hard or not, but we working on some surprises.”

L-u-p-e is hard at work in the studio, on his new album THE COOL slated to drop in stores on Halloween. And check out his collabo “We On” with his artist Gemini, on his myspace page here. Track is crazy HOT! Gemini’s debut album TROUBLES OF THE WORLD hits shelves in September on 1st & 15th/Asylum Records. The video will be shot soon in Chicago mang!


2 Responses to “Lupe’s Too “Cool” For You!”

  1. This and Kanye’s Graduation album r def the most anticipated albums 4 me dis yr. Can’t 4get about EarDrum & Finding Forever though.

  2. lupe mentioned “..All good Child Rebel Soldiers go to AK-47 heaven..” in the Fallout Boy – Arms Race remix. Probably a good sign.

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