child rebel soldier
Everyday Is Not A “Fiasco”

And So It Begins…



23 Responses to “And So It Begins…”

  1. Simply awesome.

  2. good music in the building

  3. Great song!! Can’t wait to hear more.

  4. who the fuck is the white dude?

  5. dude from RadioHead

  6. Great Song! I like the piano beat. It took a lot of getting used to but because it was so different that’s why I like the song and the group. CRS has a brite future is they could just stay together. I think if they added COMMON to the group that would top it all off. And the white dude I think is Thom Yorke or somthin like that.

  7. Are you serious?! The “white dude” is none other than THOM YORKE of Radiohead, one of the greatest musicians and man alive in my opinion.

    I really like that these guys have done, i can’t wait to hear more from them.

  8. Damn homie this is good music, this is a new chapter for hip hop, three successful rappers (minus Lupe’s non-platinum yet crazy good Food&Liquor Album) whom made it by inventing their own styles with their own flows and own messages. Now that Nas and Jay-Z were out of the game I was wondering where hip-hop was heading. I was afraid catchy beats, hooks and empty lyrics would surface more and stay for good. I love this shit, gives goosebumps.

  9. Man I just heard this song last night and I was HOOKED!!!! Y’all did a great job with it.

  10. Probably one of the greatest groups formed. The music is crazy, keep it coming.

  11. hope it will come soon… time is too long

  12. Hi

    I have the following comments:

    * Three of my favorite artists together – promising! Looking forward to what the future holds…

    * Us Placers – Deep! The track made me think about life and how things can change at the blink of an eye. We get so comfortable with our surroundings; we get caught up with whatever activity is going on around us that we forget how unpredictable life really is. This song, like a few others, reminded me that we (I) should appreciate everything that we have because you don’t know when it’s going to be taken from you.

    * ‘Child’ ‘Rebel’ ‘Soldier’ – interesting choice of name! The words have so many different meanings in different contexts that its hard to even put them together to make sense. I am looking forward to your explanation for selecting this name.

    Child Rebel Soldier, also made me recall a couple of thoughts I had a few months ago:
    – Rebel/soldier? It all depends on from where you are looking. A person can be regarded as a gallant soldier by one party and as a cowardly rebel by another. I guess it is just one of those hate it or love it situations, one can never win because you can never please everyone.
    – Children are deemed to be innocent, what of a child soldier?

    * If you wouldn’t mind I would like to develop your website for you (100% free), I have a couple of ideas and I would really like to hear some of yours.

    * My heart has been moved a couple of inches to the right, keep up the good work 😀

  13. lupe fiasco is dat man even with less than 200,000 records sold. 2nd best album of the year (imo) especially for a sorta indie label. pharrell a common day trendsetter from his moniker yessir to the illest clothing lines like bape(nigo), ice cream, and bbc to the beats and a little rapping thing on the side have u heard mamacita on the “out of my mind” cd (pick it up its different, not all for the better but interesting). Louis Vuitton Don come on he’s def. gonna blow the spot up when his album drops august most def. Kanye is just dat man

  14. Let me first say that, Lupe, you are by far the greatest story teller of the new generation, and this entire CRS project is brilliant. I love the Thom Yorke sample. That said, have you thought about refreshing one of your old classics, like Hustlaz Song (Hustlaz Due, whatever…)? I always felt like that was one of your better songs, and I was dissappointed it didn’t make it onto FnL, or have a video. + I really feel a CRS remix would do it justice.

  15. Dis track is da shhh most definitely. 3 different styles come 2getha, and make a track as crazy as dis. I can’t wait ’till da next single.

  16. sweet. absolutley amazing.
    australia loves you guys too 🙂
    keep it up

  17. I couldn’t belive they made a group when i heard the song on the mixtape 😀
    I hope they produce more songs as a group and release an album 😀
    CRS rulles
    Peace and Respect from Romania

  18. I really had no relation to the people at Va Tech until I heard Pharreells part. Thats when I recognized like myself as a college kid that was fam. I was in my car and it kinda brought a tear to my eye because i been so selfish. Brilliant group of young men, these guys kinda make it worht while ya know

  19. that shit is what we need the song is hot to death keep that shit up flush out these whack mother fuckas one

  20. Holy shit. This is probably the best song I have heard in the last 6 months. Foreal. Getting the loop from Thom Yorke is amazing. Hope the CRS really comes together and a whole album gets dropped. The UK loves you.

  21. This song, is called the eraser and it was written by Thom Yorke (paino by jonny greenwood). Nothing has been changed, bar the complete ruining of it by the raping. This is an insult to a masterpiece.

  22. thats right. RAPED THE MUSIC


  23. OMG I know I sound like a dork but I love the song once I heard it was thom yorke I almost had a heart attack. The Eraser is a good album!!! Loved it!!! But I didn’t think they would use it. Expect the unexpected huh!!!! I like their spin on it good stuff!!! I hope they do come through with an album I’ll definitely cop dat!!!!!!!!!!

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